Strawberry - from Laser Lipo

Clients have had the choice of two market leading "Strawberry" machines the "Inch Loss" and the "Cream" machine. Both are Class 3B cold red laser devices.

Spring of 2016 sees a NEW system becoming available...

NEW -  "Strawberry +"

This innovative new system is specifically designed as an investor machine. With
internet connectivity and controls, it opens up amazing opportunities for shared revenue possibilities. For further information call head office 0844 980 1820.

All "Strawberry" laser machines and applications are tested to Medical CE standards. Our Quality Control for manufacturing complies with both ISO 9001, as well as the medical standard of ISO 13485. Both models have FDA clearance.

"Strawberry" makes its debut appearance at the 4th International Thaicosderm Congress on Aesthetic Medicine in Thailand this month.


 "Strawberry" performing LIVE on the Rachael Ray TV show 13th May 2014.

  Rachael Ray show, click on the link below:

"STRAWBERRY" treating thighs on Hollywood's Doctors Show 7th May 2014!


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 2014 "STRAWBERRY" products are now enjoyed in over 27 countries.

We are all very excited as we move into 2014. With Lila Enterprise promoting our "Strawberry" machine across America and supporting Mexico, since receiving MOH approval. As we have now completed the audits and necessary documentation, Laser Lipo are moving towards securing Health Canada as well.

The R&D team are focused and working on the 'Lower Face-Lift' application.

Utilizing the amazing development in laser technology, Laser Lipo have created  machines that now not only offer the shortest inch-loss treatment times, but the Cream machine can now also offer the new Stretch mark reduction application as well.


"If you’re looking for a way to improve the texture and depth of your stretch marks, particularly newer ones, then Strawberry Laser stretch mark reduction works wonders."

Natalie Ticehurst. RED online.



  "...the results are simply incredible in less that 5 minutes
                                                                     very effective with both new and old stretch marks!"


Strawbery and Cream


Introducing the STRAWBERRY & Cream

All of the treatments are painless, totally non invasive and can be safely carried out in Europe by therapists as the machine is a Class 3B cold red laser device.

* INCH LOSS with 4, 6, 8 or 10 laser paddles
* STRETCH MARK reduction up to 80%

Introducing the STRAWBERRY - Inch Loss

This system is the perfect entry level machine. It will enable your
business to offer the most effective and popular Inch Loss treatment
available today.

You can purchase the STRAWBERRY - Inch Loss with just 4 laser
paddles (24 diodes).

The design makes it possible to upgrade according to your business
growth by allowing you to add additional pairs of paddles. Starting with 4 paddles treatment times are 40 minutes.

You can then add additional paddles, until you have a total of 10, reducing treatment times to ONLY 10 minutes.

With 10 paddles it is possible to treat more clients per hour and increase your business revenue. In addition, you are able to treat 2 thighs, or arms at the same time.