Professional Support structured for you and your business...

The team at Laser Lipo considers a purchase as the beginning of a new relationship. We, with our well trained and professional Consultants around the world, are here to help and assist you in a number of ways. Listed below are the key areas of support which we focus upon:


From the first day of installation, we want the system to be only used by fully trained and competent technicians, as without this the standards of the treatments provided will drop.
With the purchase of any new system up to five people can be trained at no charge by a certified 'Master Trainer'  certified by us as the manufacturer.

As with many organizations, staff changes occur and for this reason further training can be arranged with your consultant. Should you feel that it is necessary for refresher training, this can be carried out with our Lead Trainer via SKYPE, at an agreed time. SKYPE training is free of charge.

Marketing and promotions:

As a medically based clinic your team may not be experienced in marketing and advertising. It is for this reason that we wish to assist you with this important aspect of your business. We operate a strategy to help to 'Drive Patients to your door' through marketing and PR.

Laser Lipo provide a free invitation to dropbox for all of our clients. Here you will have access to the training manual, before and after images, marketing idea’s etc.

In the medical world, all people receiving Strawberry treatments are 'Patients'. However, as they are not sick, they will need to be encouraged to pay to receive treatments. As a result, with the focused use of PR we aim to tell everyone about the treatments, with real live testimonials about the changes which Strawberry  treatments have brought to their bodies and their lives.

Reaching out to the general public is achieved by securing features in popular magazines, getting air time on television, radio and on the growing internet platform. Social networking with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others is also an important consideration.

Laser Lipo is undertaking a national PR program to raise the profile of Strawberry treatments across the USA. Everyone of these will encourage people to find their closest treatment center by visiting our online Strawberry Clinic Locator.

As a client we will list your business on this locator as a gift. So any publicity secured will  stimulate people searching for treatment centers. We allow a small amount of information about your clinic, as well as obviously your contact details. This only applies to clinics that have had further training from the UK via Skype and have a minimum charge on treatments. Any treatment centers promoting through Groupon will be removed from the clinic locator.

We will also provide you with a secure location online to find new promotional campaigns. These will range from Banner Stands to email campaigns. Even SMS cell phone adverts will be there for you to download, edit and use free of charge.

Promoting to our existing patients and visitors is also important. So you can download 'Patient Fliers' and display stands. There is no charge for this as it is simply Laser Lipo helping to support your business.

We want you to reach a return on investment swiftly and to move forwards with a profit making and successful new part to your business.

Technical and system support:

All new systems are supplied as standard with a one year return to manufacturer warranty. Following 'Best Practice' protocols, your system should be serviced once or twice a year. This will depend upon the level of usage. The reason for this is to ensure that all of the output levels from the laser diodes are at their optimum. All forms of light output, even a light bulb, will reduce over time. When the diodes are supplied as new they are set to approximately 50% of their capability. It is therefore recommended that the output levels are checked, only by a qualified and certified by the manufacturer engineer, a minimum of one each year. Specialist equipment is required to undertake this task.

The Strawberry has no moving parts, fans or filters to be checked, serviced or adjusted. This ensures that service times and costs are kept to a minimum.

Laser Lipo Ltd has established a working partnership with one service organization within America. Bio-Core are able to support your machines completely and there is no reason to have to return the units to the U.K.

Annual service contract options are available. Please ask your consultant for the options and prices.