Professional Testimonials

As you may have seen, we have a lengthy list of testimonials from people that have had Strawberry treatments. Listed below are testimonials that relate to our training standards, our business support and our technical support. Key issues which we consider set us appart from any competition.

As a company, we are committed to providing the highest possible quality of products, however the quality of our after sales support enjoyed by our worldwide customers is, in our opinion, critical to remaining a market leading organization. Within America, we have a very strong support team. The Master Trainers have been trained at our international training center in the U.K and in many cases, with the help of SKYPE, we have carried out assessments of the quality of their training.

For Strawberry to continue to have a quality reputation, it is essential that our systems are used properly by trained operators. It is vital that the systems are properly maintained, so we have a dedicated service team in America. Bio-Core, based in Florida support the systems with highly qualified engineers.

Dr Sumayah Taliaferro

  "I have been so pleased to bring the Strawberry Laser into my practice. 
   Patients love it!
   The device delivers.
   It does what the company says it will do
   - reduces inches and tightens the skin for a true slimming effect!

    Dr. Sumayah Taliaferro




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David L. Bixler. AB M.D. FCCP FACP

I have been using the Strawberry Laser and am very pleased with my results.

I also have been referring the laser to other physicians and locations in Washington and Colorado.

I look forward to continuing to work with the laser and move forward in my success with positive results.

Best Regards,


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Mr Rick Bellestri. Vice President. After Hours Clinic.

Recently, After Hours Clinic had purchased a Strawberry laser system.  We have been treating clients with it for a couple of weeks now and have had nothing but positive feedback from our clients.  They have commented on the ease and pain free experience long with the inch loss.  They look forward to receiving their treatments and are passing the word along the community.

We are very pleased with our decision to go forward with purchasing the Strawberry Laser System.  We look towards many years of successful treatments with our clients.


Rick Bellestri

After Hours Clinic-Vice President

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Dr Raj

"There are many weight loss treatments, but the Strawberry Laser is an appealing inch loss option because (1) it causes patients little to no discomfort, (2) is easy to use; and (3) the cost to patients is more reasonable than other treatment options.

Now that we've used it in our clinic we're convinced it helps in inch loss, especially if combined with a program of healthy eating and exercise."  Dr. Raj 

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Ojen Masrour M.D

My name is Ojen Masrour and I’m a family physician in West Hills California.  I have incorporated the Strawberry Laser into the flow of my practice for approximately 18 months. During this time, we have had great success delivering to our patients the results they’ve expected.  Overall, it has been a fine addition to my practice.

Ojen Masrour

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MyLux MedSpa, LLC.









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Dr Motlagh, MD.

The Strawberry Laser Lipo delivers instant results in inch loss.  This gives people hope that they can finally achieve the healthier look they desire.  Help your patients get the help they want – use the Strawberry Laser!

Katayoun Motlagh, MD

Medical Aesthetics. 16250 Venture Blvd, Suite 435, Encino, CA  91316
(September 2015).

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B. David Blake, MD

I was introduced to The Strawberry Laser in March 2015.  After hearing about the benefits of the device and witnessing the demonstration, I obtained financing and made the investment to purchase the device.  After receiving my unit, my device was set-up, my staff trained, and my practice was equipped with promotional materials.  Since that time, I have offered The Strawberry Laser Body sculpting to my patients as a means of achieving their weight and inch loss and goals.   

My patients and I have been so pleased with the results, that not only am I encouraging more patients to make this a part of their treatment, but I have advised my colleagues to also make the investment and place a Strawberry Laser in their practices!  The Strawberry Laser is a device that can be a benefit to all.

Yours in Good Health,

B. David Blake, MD

Medical Director of Multi-Care Healthcare Center. Conyers, GA.

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Lyle M. Back, MD FACS

(Published online on the ezine website)

Can A “Strawberry” Melt The Fat Away?
By Lyle M. Back, MD FACS.

The world of non-surgical body contouring is about to explode! Advances in technology have now enabled plastic surgeons to help more people than ever before to achieve their body reshaping goals – but not in the operating room! This is done right in the office. Walk in, walk out. Typically in under 30 minutes. No restrictions, no downtime. That’s because there’s no surgery, no incisions, no stitches, no needles, no bruising, no recovery, no pain of any kind – none of that. Just the harmless melting away of fat from wherever it is unwanted by some very special and unique laser devices! You’ll be hearing more and more about these incredible breakthrough non-surgical fat melting systems this year. There are a couple of similar types of non-invasive devices out there already that seem to work reasonably well. But this is the next generation, the next evolution in non-surgical fat melting! The Strawberry Laser Lipo system is quickly becoming the top choice among doctors and patients alike and rapidly moving to the top of the list.

The Strawberry Laser Lipo machine was developed and first released in England about 6 years ago. It has since gone on to help more than 5 million people in over 30 countries around the world reshape and recontour their bodies without any surgery! Fortunately for us, the Strawberry system was cleared for use in the U.S. by the FDA when research studies demonstrated an amazing 95% success rate for its powerful non-surgical fat melting capabilities. This is state of the art non-surgical fat reduction and body contouring at its best!

Does this sound too good to be true?
How can this possibly work?

It’s all because of so-called “cold laser” technology, otherwise known as low level laser therapy or LLLT. Cold lasers do not burn, fry or even slightly heat up the skin. It’s the same as if someone were shining a flashlight on your skin – if your eyes were closed, you wouldn’t even know. But it turns out that as this very special 660 nm wavelength LLLT from the Strawberry Laser innocently shines upon the skin, its special diode laser light is harmlessly, quietly and stealthily absorbed. The light then passes deeper still, through all the layers of the skin, without any harmful effects whatsoever, until the laser light is ultimately absorbed by the fat cells just underneath. The absorbed light “tricks” the fat cells into thinking that they are supposed to empty – the cells think they have received the same signal to empty as if one were exercising! Multiple lipid draining pores begin to form on the thousands of fat cells under the skin within the areas targeted by the Strawberry Laser, such as the love handles or the lower abdomen. The pores force the fatty contents of the fat cells to flow out. The fat cells begin to empty and start to collapse and shrink in size! Progressively the whole target area begins to get smaller and shrink in size! Most patients are pleased to see the results of this process almost immediately - they commonly have a tape measure decrease in the size of a fat deposit area after just one treatment session! The melted fat is processed as waste (as it would be normally, by the lymphatic system) eventually passing its way out through the body and eliminated. There’s more fat to come melting off though! The shrunken, empty fat cells keep their leaky pores open and draining for a couple of days, long after any given Strawberry Laser treatment session. This helps to ignite and revv up the impact of any concurrent exercise or dieting to be all the more effective. The FDA submitted research study showed an average reduction of nearly 4 inches from just one measured area across the lower abdomen after a series of Strawberry Laser Lipo therapy sessions performed within just one month!

So, can a “Strawberry” melt the fat away? The answer is yes!

See your local board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation and find out if the amazing Strawberry Laser is a good option for you!

Lyle M. Back, MD FACS.
Cosmetic Surgery.  Cherry Hill, NJ.
(August 2015).


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Dr Stokes, DC

I did my research when looking for the best body contouring laser and even tried competitive lasers.  The Strawberry Laser Lipo is the Gold Standard.  After my purchase the trainers and support staff in the UK have been fantastic.  They are quick to respond to every need or request.  The results patients receive from the non-attended procedure is not only rewarding to them but they refer others who too want to look better.  We have also witnessed how the rather instant results causes people to want to eat healthier and exercise which benefits them further.  Thank you for the Strawberry Laser Lipo!  It has been a wonderful addition to my practice. 

Dr. Donald L. Stokes, DC
Los Angeles,

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Allison & Daniel Knapp, DC

Dear Louise,

We had a successful post training meeting and everyone felt they learned the proper way of using the laser product.

We are now confident that our results will improve with the new changes. You are very talented in your SKYPE teaching techniques!

We are excited to have the certification in hand and to be placed on the clinic search site. That will be a great adjunct to our website.    

Thank you again for your time and attention.

Allison Knapp & Daniel Knapp, DC. ACRB I.

Knapp Chiropractic & Laser Therapy.
Sarasota. FL.

(May 2015)

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Sheila Trent, R.N

My patients love your machine and therefore my schedule has been blessed with extra appointments.

Sheila Trent. R.N
Central Kentucky Womens Healthcare
Georgetown, Kentucky.

(Mar 2015)

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Hi Eleni,
I can't thank you, Sharon and Louise, enough for helping me so much and look forward to seeing you again on Friday.  Your aftercare, as Sharon had mentioned, is wonderful, I feel so reassured by you as a company.
Thanks again,

(Jun 2013)

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I was made redundant from my job in finance in August 2010 when my son was two days old.  Having two children so close together had completely changed my body shape with a real emphasis on my stomach, due to excess skin and accumulation of fat. I had a consultation to get a tummy tuck as I was very unhappy with how I looked. I was told to lose another stone and it would be possible to have the procedure although I was very worried about major surgery with a young family to look after.

During this time I was looking for a new career, something I could fit around my children, and wishful thinking led to me to search "laser weight loss" hoping there was something out there which could help me and I could build a career around. I found the Strawberry Laser Lipo and at first was very sceptical, but curiosity led me to contact them. I went and met the team, tried the treatment for myself and was really pleased with the results.

When I picked up my machine, I gave myself an intensive course of treatments and couldn’t believe the difference it made to me (and my relationship)- it flattened my stomach and tightened the skin I no longer need a tummy tuck, the rest is history.

The business is going really well, the results speak for themselves. I love meeting my clients and getting to know them, helping them make lifelong changes and seeing them take real control of their body shapes.

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