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The building is located just 40 minutes from Central London and 25 minutes from London Gatwick airport. With 54 rooms, the property contains the manufacturing, internal training centre, sales support and the rest of the team.

Heath House

The team at Laser Lipo Ltd

Sharon Cobley

Mrs Sharon Cobley – Group Director

Sharon has over 30 years experience of the beauty and aesthetic market. Having originally been qualified as a Vidal Sassoon hairdresser in the 1980's, she went on to pioneer “Pretty Woman” semi-permanent make-up academy. Sharon established and ran salons and SPAs in both the UK and Spain.

Sharon worked with one of the fastest growing national sales networks in England. Her time in this sector, created her very structured and successful sales foundation and approach. Property renovations and dealings are of a personal interest and “hobbie” to her even today.

Over the years, as Sharon built up and extended her knowledge with deep facial peels and Class 4 lasers, she established a network of close associations with top International cosmetic surgeons. These included doctors such as Brent Tanner in England, Jan Carlos Pou in Spain and Dr Lyle Back in Pennsylvania, USA.

The knowledge and these connections have been at the heart of Laser Lipo Ltd from the beginning. Sharon's understandings of the aesthetic market place, whether on a medical or beauty level, have been instrumental in both the company's product development and future research and design.

Sharon designed the world’s first ever, instant double chin reduction treatment with medical guidance from Plastic Surgeon, Dr Lyle Back.  *Patent pending

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Ian Cobley

Mr Ian Cobley - Director

Ian became Group MD of a successful international group of companies CPL, or Colour Processing Laboratories Ltd. This group led the professional photographic industry from the time colour pictures took over from black and white in the early 1950’s. Which prior to its sale in 2000, had 10 UK production centres, one Dubai production centre, and 300 staff. CPL as the market leader, supported promotional activities for companies such as Ford Motor Company, M&S, British Telecom, the British government, the Post Office, Shell, BP, British American Tobacco, Philip Morris and Pinewood Film Studios.

When coupled with Sharon's extensive aesthetic knowledge, they have taken Laser Lipo Ltd to where it is now, a successful and International company.

Ian’s natural entrepreneurial skills have been invaluable to ensure future success for the company. Ian has designed and has a patent pending for a cloud based, remote access system which will be added to all devices.  An investors dream, as this will allow owners of any machine to be able to control every device with the touch of a button from their mobiles phones.

This new application will allow Laser Lipo Ltd to open over 500 locations with the double chin reduction treatment over the next two years.

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Lisa Ormrod

Mrs Lisa Amey– Non Executive Director

Lisa joined the company as Production Coordinator in 2011. She has helped the company achieve its Medical ISO and CE accreditations, as well as being instrumental in the FDA application.

Lisa has a wealth of experience in Quality Assurance and Regulatory affairs. In addition, Lisa is responsible for all the company’s HR and worldwide certifications.

Lisa works closely with the production department, organising the dispatch of all equipment worldwide, ensuring that we are able to meet our client’s demands.

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Lyle M. Back, MD, FACS PR

Dr Lyle M. Back, MD, FACS PR

Lyle M. Back, M.D., F.A.C.S. was born and raised in New York City, graduating from Rutgers College (with Honours) and then Rutgers Medical School (with Honours) in New Jersey.

After obtaining his ABMS Board Certification as a General Surgeon (ABS), he continued on in his specialty training and was recruited into the Plastic Surgery Residency program at Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio. He received his Board Certification from The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) in 1993.

Dr. Back is frequently featured in local magazines, newspaper articles and on radio and television shows. He has personally hosted several live radio and TV shows on Cosmetic Surgery in the Delaware Valley/Philadelphia region.

Dr. Back is a highly respected member of the most prestigious local and national surgical societies such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS).

In 1993, Dr. Back pioneered the creation of a premier Cosmetic Surgery Surgicenter for the Cherry Hill, NJ area (the first of its kind); thereafter further evolving this concept into a more advanced and modern version as another free-standing, private Cosmetic Surgery Center in 2004.

Dr. Back is a well-known and popular "Top Doc" Cosmetic Surgeon in the Delaware Valley/Philadelphia region. He has been in practice in the Cherry Hill, NJ area for nearly 30 years. He specializes in the full range of the most modern and state of the art cosmetic surgery procedures and non-surgical cosmetic enhancement techniques available today.

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