About Us

Laser Lipo Ltd is actually based from the building which produced the photographs for NASA of the landing on the moon back in 1969.

The building is located just 30 minutes from central London and 20 minutes from London Gatwick airport. With 54 rooms, the property contains the manufacturing, internal training center, as well as the sales support and management team. 

The management of Laser Lipo Ltd:


Sharon Cobley - Director

Sharon has over 25 years experience of the beauty and aesthetic market. Having originally been qualified as a Vidal Sassoon hairdresser in the 1980's, she went on to pioneer semi-permanent make-up. Sharon established and ran salons and SPAs in both the U.K. and Spain.

Sharon worked with one of the fastest growing national sales networks in England. Her time in this sector, created her very structured and successful sales foundation and approach. Property renovations and dealings are of a personal interest and “hobbie” to her even today.

Over the years, as Sharon built up and extended her knowledge with deep facial peels and Class 4 lasers, she established a network of close associations with top European cosmetic surgeons. These included doctors such as Brent Tanner in England and Jan Carlos Pou from Spain.

Having successfully run Pretty Woman Clinic Ltd and previously run a Semi-permanent Make-up Academy in the U.K. Sharon is associated with numerous UK clinics, and assists new salons/spa’s in how to market the Laser Lipo range of products.

The knowledge and these connections have been at the heart of Laser Lipo from the beginning. Sharon's understandings of the aesthetic market place, whether on a medical or beauty level, have been instrumental in both the company's product development and future research and design.

Ian Cobley

Ian Cobley - Director

Ian became Group MD of a successful international group of companies CPL, or Colour Processing Laboratories Ltd. This group lead the professional photographic industry from the time colour pictures took over from black and white in the early 1950’s.

Which prior to its sale in 2000, had 10 UK production centres, one Dubai production center, and 300 staff. CPL as the market leader, supported promotional activities for companies such as Ford Motor Company, M&S, British Telecom, the British government, the Post Office, Shell, BP, British American Tobacco, Philip Morris and Pinewood Film Studios.

CPL also manufactured exhibition stands and airport electronic display systems. Ian’s background being primarily in marketing and graphics, but also included exhibitions and production. When coupled with Sharon's extensive aesthetic knowledge, they have taken Laser Lipo to where it is now, a successful and international company. Ian's extensive knowledge of marketing, promotions and production was expanded further in the early 1990's, when he established and built an independent graphics and exhibition company in Dubai. This working knowledge of running international companies continues to assist Laser Lipo in its overseas development.


The Team at Laser Lipo:

Lisa Ormrod

Lisa Ormrod - Head of Operations

Lisa joined the company as Production Coordinator in 2011. She has helped the company achieve its Medical ISO and CE accreditations, as well as being instrumental in the FDA application.

Lisa has a wealth of experience in Quality Assurance and Regulatory affairs. In addition, Lisa is responsible for all the company’s HR and worldwide certifications.

Lisa works closely with the production department, organizing the dispatch of all equipment worldwide, ensuring that we are able to meet our clients demands.


Catherine Clarke

Catherine Clarke – International Business Co-ordinator

Catherine joined Laser Lipo in 2011. As a qualified Beauty Therapist, she was recruited to carry out treatments, as well as to support client training and assist with open days. Having spent time developing her experience with lasers, Catherine moved across to the UK Sales Team, assisting Sharon Cobley with sales, demonstrations and exhibitions.

With the expansion of the sales team, Catherine was the obvious candidate to take on the new role of International Business Co-ordinator, which she has now been competently fulfilling over three years.

Catherine  works very closely with Sharon and our world wide distributors, assisting them with their numerous exhibitions, product launches and supporting their promotional activities.


Louise Ellis

Rebecca Pearce - Lead Trainer

Rebecca joined the company in 2016 as our Lead Trainer. She also fronts many of the open days and heads the events team, supporting the open days around the country. Her key role is to assess training on a global basis, with the use of SKYPE technology.


Eleni Papageorghiou

Eleni Papageorghiou - UK Sales Co-ordinator and P.A. to Sharon Cobley

Having worked for Laser Lipo since 2009, Eleni has an in-depth knowledge of the Strawberry devices and treatments. Her background is that of a qualified beauty therapist and with the years of working with Strawberry and low level laser devices, she is perfectly placed to support UK sales, presentations, exhibitions and ongoing customer support.





Andrew Bryant

Andrew Bryant - Lead Engineer

Andrew is our Lead Technical Engineer; he has a wealth of experience in this field and is a certified electrical engineer, as well as being certified in PATS testing to ensure all of our customers systems meet EU & worldwide electrical regulations. He is supported by a team that are on call 24 hours a day.

Andrew previously worked in the lighting & exhibition industry and has over 20 years experience working with lasers.

Melissa Caplen

Melissa Caplen - P.A. to Ian Cobley

Behind the scenes, Laser Lipo, like every company, has a vast range of important functions that need to be carried out. The majority of staff are therefore free to concentrate on the clients and their needs. Melissa supports Ian Cobley with all of these tasks. Her existing knowledge of 'front of house' and sales, makes her a perfect fit within the "Strawberry" team.

Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson - Unity Accounts

Mr Paul Jackson provides Laser Lipo Ltd with the essential information and guidance to profitably and successfully   grow the business. This important role ensures that the directors can concentrate on growing the company and continuing to develop and expand its markets in the U.K, Europe and on a worldwide basis.

International Consultants

 In addition to the main Strawberry team, Laser Lipo works with an experienced group of specialists. These people support the company with hands-on training, installations and in some situations demonstrations on behalf of Laser Lipo Ltd.

We have, in addition, a whole range of fantastic Contractors. These people assist with product development, website creation, printing and design.

Collectively, the Team with our Consultants and Contractors, work together to ensure that Laser Lipo remains at the forefront of the industry with the most up to date thinking, technology and forward planning to keep Strawberry at the cutting edge of the medical arena.