What to expect when you arrive for a treatment and how does it work?

Initial consultation:

Upon arrival, prior to your first treatment, you will be required to complete a medical questionnaire and naturally a consent form. The purpose is to ensure that you have no contraindications to the procedure. In addition, it is essential that you have realistic expectations regarding what can be achieved in the way of results by the system, and understand how diet and exercise will effect these results. As your treatment will be carried out by a medical practitioner, the list of contraindications is short. People  under the age of consent, currently pregnant and a couple of other issues are covered. The  majority of the contraindications are due to insurance and to make sure that you will get the results that you want.

Weighed: You will be weighed prior to every treatment and the results listed on your records.

Measured: You will be measured before and after each treatment. Measurements will be taken in a number of places and the readings recorded. A marker pen will be used to ensure that exactly the same area is measured each time.

Photographed: You will be photographed. This means that the specific area to be treated will be photographed and this will not include your face. You will be asked to stand in a particular way to ensure consistency. For example; for an abdomen you will have your hands on your head.


How Strawberry Laser Inch Loss works:

When the laser paddles are placed on the skin, the Class2, 3B laser beams penetrates the skin just deep enough to reach the layers of fat (9-13mm). When the light hits the fat cells, a rapid chain of events takes place. Firstly, pores form on the cells causing them to spill out. The water, Glycerol and fatty acids move into the interstitial space beneath the fatty layer in the skin. Then further water, fatty acids and Glycerol spill out. The adipocyte cells reduce in size.  This disruption does not affect the neighbouring structures such as the skin, blood vessels or nerves.  The lymphatic system then removes the fat through the liver and kidneys, where they are processed in the same way as fatty foods, the rest is passed out in the urine.

For clients with darker skin ( Fitzpatrick scale 3 - 6) we recommend 10 laser paddles. This will remove the possibility of hypopigmentation as the laser exposure time is only 10 - 20 minutes.

Laser penetration diagram:
Laser penetration diagram

Diagrams showing the effects of the laser on the fats cells.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

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How many treatments will I need?

We recommend a course of 8 treatments. Typically two treatments each week for 4 weeks.

Can I have more than one course?

Yes but it is essential to have a two week gap between courses.

Can I have more than one area treated at one time?

Yes. However you must be prepared to do more cardio vascular exercise.

Will the inches stay off after a treatment?

Yes. Providing you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine.

What actually happens to the fat?

The fat cells are undamaged; but due to the reaction of the laser light on the cell it will empty the contents. The contents consist of water, glycerol and free fatty acids. Following a treatment, the glycerol is rapidly absorbed by the body. The water carries the free fatty acids, through the lymphatic system, through the liver and kidneys and are then passed out of the body in your urine.

Does the treatment hurt?

No. There is no pain at all. You will feel a comfortable warm feeling in the area being treated. Zero pain and zero discomfort. Some people actually fall asleep during a treatment.

Will I have to keep coming back to keep my results?

No. The results are permanent provided of course that you can retain a sensible lifestyle. Healthy eating and an exercise plan will ensure that the inch loss is retained.

How can I monitor my results?

At every session you will be weighed and measured and you will be photographed before your first treatment and following your last. This way you will know exactly how many inches you have lost. In addition, you will feel that your clothes are looser and see a visual reduction.