NEW Strawberry + system

The investors dream.

This innovative new system is specifically designed as an investor machine. With internet connectivity and controls, it opens up amazing opportunities.

Simply use your mobile phone to see how many treatments have been carried out in any of your locations 24/7. Invoice your client accordingly; if they do not pay within your given time frame, you have the ability to stop the machine functioning with one click of the button. You can also turn it back on again with one swipe.

Not only will you have full control of your investment and enjoy an amazing ROI, Laser Lipo Ltd will do all of the work for you.

Laser Lipo Ltd have already secured multiple investors who are looking at a shared revenue opportunity and will not only find a suitable location for your machine, but manage the admin, training, media etc. In addition, we can also collect the revenue so that all is required from the investor is to collect their remuneration.