Laser Lipo’s Strawberry Lift Technology Delivers A ‘Lower Facelift’ Without Surgery

The aesthetics industry is constantly evolving, with new technology making it easier than ever to deliver effective anti-aging procedures without having any surgical invention.

While this sector is rapidly expanding, it’s also a highly competitive industry in which to work. It’s crucial that clinics stay ahead of the game and offer the latest and best procedures for their clients.

So, why choose our Strawberry Lift device for your clinic in 2022?

British Laser Manufacturer Laser Lipo’s innovative, award-winning technology is available at clinics all over the world. We’re proud of both the quality of our machines and our exceptional customer support.

Invest in our laser machines and you can deliver exceptional treatment results to your valued customers.

If you’re keen to update your cosmetic equipment in the new year, consider the Strawberry Lift which can be used for a range of procedures, including lower face lifts.

The innovative Strawberry Lift allows you to achieve the results of a lower face lift. Stage one of the non-surgical treatment uses a chin applicator that emits pulses of Laser lipolysis for 12 minutes, to penetrate the skin to selectively target those unwanted fat cells. Part 2 of the anti-aging procedure uses patented silent ultrasound transmitted through a handpiece.

This pain-free procedure helps to reduce a fatty double chin, tighten up the jawline and improve the skin’s condition.

Completely pain-free and non-invasive, this machine provides instant results and works by lifting and tightening the skin. The Strawberry Lift is suitable for all ages * and skin tones.

Strawberry Lift is a breakthrough device by Laser Lipo originally developed in 2017 and the amazing treatment results continues to have a huge impact on the aesthetics market.

If you’re looking for equipment for a lower face lift, don’t forget to discover more about our Strawberry Lift today. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.