Non-Invasive Laser Lipo Equipment For Stubborn Fat Removal

Do you want to carry out effective face and body treatments at your clinic?

Laser Lipo’s non-surgical Strawberry laser machines are renowned for their quality and results. Invest in our laser lipo systems in 2022, and you’ll be benefiting from the latest and most advanced technology on the market.

The Strawberry technology is available in over 30 countries including, the USA and UK, specifically created for the medical, aesthetic and beauty sectors. Our British manufactured equipment is perfect for carrying out stubborn fat reductions in a range of areas. Your clients will be delighted with the outstanding Strawberry treatment results.

The Strawberry Lift is a groundbreaking machine thats perfect for a lower facelift.

Highly safe and non-invasive, physicians can use the portable Strawberry Lift device to carry out a wide range of treatments, including double chin reductions and neck or jowl lifts. This patented silent ultrasound technology can transform the way you carry out stubborn fat removals.

The Strawberry Lift is one of the first non-invasive treatments for fat reductions that provides instant results. Our award winning machines have been showcased at many professional beauty shows.

Meanwhile, our Strawberry Laser Lipo machines are ideal for body shaping treatments at your clinic. Whether a client is concerned about stubborn fat on the stomach, hips, buttocks or back, this clinically proven system can offer incredible instant results. You can view many before and after pictures on our website to see what the Strawberry Laser Lipo can achieve.

If you’re looking to invest in non-surgical laser lipo machines, don’t forget to explore our latest technology. Or contact our friendly team for more information.