Non Surgical Fat Reductions

Manufacturing in the U.K to full medical standards, delivering quality results since 2007. Fully CE & EMC with FDA clearance for inch loss, our innovative devices continue to lead the way in the aesthetic world for Non Surgical, non invasive and safe fat Reduction and inch loss. 

Are you looking to invest in an effective facial contouring system, helping your clients achieve an improved jawline the Strawberry Lift is the answer.

If someone has stubborn areas of fat which are refusing to budge, it can have a big impact on their self-confidence. Having unwanted fat in areas like under the chin (comprising of submental fat) which can occur, even if you’re not overweight. Theycan be a result of Genetics, or loose skin due to the ageing process. The Lift’s unique combination of patented low level laser technology and Silent Ultrasound provides painless instant results, with ongoing improvements over the following 12 weeks.

Many people go to clinics looking to solve this problem, with fat reduction being one of the most popular procedures both in America and Europe. Particularly with the increase in Selfies and working from home Zoom calls.

With our non-surgical fat reduction machines, there’s no need to go under the knife or risk anesthetics, the treatments are quick and effective for both body & face contouring.

Our non-surgical fat reduction machines, including the Strawberry Inch Loss, are ideal for use on the body. Providing clinically proven instant results with painless short treatments that require no downtime or time off work. No recovery required.

Strawberry Inch Loss machines and treatments are FDA cleared and are ideal for skin tightening, body contouring and cellulite reduction. Since they do not harm the cells, just empty them, the clients have no downtime or recovery they can be back in action immediately. These treatments have been carried out with Laser Lipo’s machines in 32 countries over the last 13 years around the world. Without any cases of harmful side effects reported and achieving an estimated 8 to 10 million people having enjoyed losing inches.

Our devices make the process of having non surgical fat reductions as stress-free, pain free as possible with instant results.

If you’re looking to invest in devices for non-surgical fat reductions, discover how Laser Lipo Ltd can help you, or contact our team today.