Technology For Effective Laser Face Lifts

Isn’t it time to offer your clients a safe, painless lower face lift? Laser Lipo’s Strawberry LIFT machine can do just that. Non-invasive, low risk affordable treatments that you can carry out in your clinic.

Work in the aesthetic industry, want to offer the latest technology to boost your sales and stand out from your competition, plus have an amazing return on investment, Laser Lipo offers you this opportunity.

If you’re looking for state-of-the-art devices that deliver outstanding results, Laser Lipo Ltd is a leading supplier in the UK.

Our equipment for laser lower face lifts is used by professionals in the beauty, aesthetic and medical world. Easy to use and extremely safe, they’ll have wide appeal with your customers.

The beauty industry has never been bigger, with increasing numbers of people interested in non-invasive aesthetic techniques. We want clinics investing in our laser equipment to feel completely confident.

A variety of financial offers available. Contact Laser Lipo to find out more.

Laser Lipo Ltd is ideal for clinics who want effective equipment for laser face lifts and fat reductions.

That includes the Strawberry Lift which will help practitioners achieve results that last for up to 18 months. Designed for use on the lower face, this equipment is used for skin tightening, cheek contouring, double chin reductions and neck and jowl lifts.

This groundbreaking technology makes it easier for physicians to deliver effective laser face lifts. There is no pain or discomfort associated with the procedures, so they won’t be problematic with your patients. Various clinic studies for inch loss, which were agreed by the FDA, showed a 95% success rate and an average inch loss of 3.7 inches.

Manufactured to meet the latest medical standards in the UK, our devices have EMC and CE along with FDA (For our Inch Loss device) clearance for reducing fat.

If you need to invest in technology for laser face lifts, discover more about Laser Lipo Ltd or contact our team today.

Strawberry Inch Loss

FDA approved, clinically proven results, featured on TV, endorsed by medical professionals and affordable. Low cost servicing, amazing ROI and British made.