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The Duo by Laser Lipo is an innovative face & body shaping system that provides measurable inch loss as well as effective facial contouring. This machine features two technologies; Low-level class 3B cold red lasers. These are +/- 635 nm and +/- 35mw. The lasers non-invasively penetrate the client’s skin between 9 – 13 mm.

Silent Ultrasound® our very own patented technology delivers a precise, focused area of thermal injury. The temperature of the tissue within the focal zone will increase to 65°C causing the tissue protein to coagulate and produce more collagen. The handpiece emits waves of ultrasonic energy toward each other to a focused point. The probe targets a focal point where it reaches a depth of 3 – 4 mm. This heat cannot be felt by the client as the heat is generated below their nerve endings.

For the first time on the market, skincare specialists can harness the power of Laser Lipolysis and Silent Ultrasound at the same time using this dual action technology that delivers instant and long lasting results.

The clients pictured combined Strawberry treatments with a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle.


Laser Lipo before & after
Strawberry Lift before & after