Patient Testimonials

My excess rolls around my tummy were really affecting my life and making me feel depressed. So I decided I was going to take control again and started a healthy exercise and eating plan. As I was losing weight I was getting loose skin, so I decided to give the Laser Lipo a go. I just couldn’t believe the results. After 2 courses I lost 18 inches around my torso . The results were incredible, my skin was tighter and toned. My shape has completely transformed and dropped 4 dress sizes. If you combine this treatment with a healthy lifestyle you will see quick results. I also had a treatment on my chin and jawline. It totally changed the shape of my face after just one treatment. I would highly recommend this non invasive treatment as the results are instant. Alice and Lisa were amazing and always made me feel relaxed and comfortable. They explained the science aspects of the treatment, so I felt I was fully informed and educated on the procedure, which was so reassuring !!! The laser lipo was the best gift I could give myself !!! Thank you Alice and Lisa 🥰

Ava Hartley

Hi Eleni, I can't thank you, Sharon and Louise enough for helping me like this and look forward to seeing you again on Friday. Your aftercare, as Sharon mentioned at the show, is wonderful and although I still feel nervous using the machine, I feel so reassured by you as a company. Thanks again, Joe

Bruce O'Brien

I’m a driving instructor, so I sit in the car for hours on end and rarely exercise. I had eight treatments and was amazed at the results. I’ve dropped two dress sizes to a 14 and lost 6.5in from my waist and 4in from my hips. 'I am a converted cynic. This is amazing and I haven't put the inches back on, despite doing no exercise.' Total cm loss: 19.5cm


I was made redundant from my job in finance in August 2010 when my son was two days old. Having two children so close together had completely changed my body shape with a real emphasis on my stomach, due to excess skin and accumulation of fat. I had a consultation to get a tummy tuck as I was very unhappy with how I looked. I was told to lose another stone and it would be possible to have the procedure although I was very worried about major surgery with a young family to look after. During this time I was looking for a new career, something I could fit around my children, and wishful thinking led to me to search "laser weight loss" hoping there was something out there which could help me and I could build a career around. I found the Strawberry Laser Lipo and at first was very sceptical, but curiosity led me to contact them. I went and met the team, tried the treatment for myself and was really pleased with the results. When I picked up my machine I gave myself an intensive course of treatments and couldn’t believe the difference it made to me (and my relationship)- it flattened my stomach and tightened the skin I no longer need a tummy tuck, the rest is history. The business is going really well, the results speak for themselves. I love meeting my clients and getting to know them, helping them make lifelong changes and seeing them take real control of their body shapes.

Business & personal

I think the results after 1 treatment are very positive, I am very much looking forward to my second treatment on Thursday.

Maxcine - 1st Treatment

I can't tell you how happy I am with the results so far, especially the inch loss, I noticed when I was at Zumba last night that my top is now baggy around my waist. I've been doing Zumba for over 6 months now and never seen results like that. My skin is so smooth and the tone is great, thank you so much.

Maxcine - 2nd Treatment

Following my 6th session I can really see the difference in my body shape, the treatment has definitely restored my body confidence.

Maxcine - 6th Treatment

Well I can't believe I had my final treatment, it went by in a blink of an eye, I am so happy with the results, and my stomach has changed so much. I really cannot believe the results that I achieved and the before and after photos were so striking. I will definitely do all it takes to maintain my new figure, I've enjoyed eating healthy foods and will continue to do so, this has been the kick-start I've needed. I am so happy, I feel like I have my confidence back, which I had lost after having my children. All I can say is thank you so much.

Maxcine - 8th Treatment

I noticed that my waist looks slimmer the day after.

Lisa Treleven - November

My kids noticed a difference in my body shape, they said I looked slimmer around my waist. I have been gloating to my friends at work of the difference a few sessions have made to my body. My friends have asked where they can get this treatment and I have told them. I am not scared to shop now; I am just waiting until I have finished my treatment to buy a well needed new wardrobe.

Lisa Treleven - November 1st Treatment

My jeans fit differently around my waist - muffin top disappearing. Felt amazing. I am no longer afraid to look in the mirror. I noticed that I am getting a dimple at the base of my spine just above my bum. I was talking to one of my friends at work about this and how happy I felt. She does 10 mile runs and is very sporty and fit. She said that for her to get this she has to train extra hard. She was absolutely shocked.

Lisa Treleven - November 2nd Treatment

The following days after my treatment I have noticed a change in the top of legs too, just under my bum. It looks more toned. My thighs also look better too - vibrating table is working a treat.

Lisa Treleven - November 4th Treatment

I have noticed a difference in my silhouette, its more defined, my skin is also very smooth and my body is more toned, the fat is just melting away. The feeling of being a 40 year old mother of 2 kids who is having time literally rubbed away is so amazing. I feel as if I have a second chance and I now love my new ever changing body shape. I have just had my fifth treatment and I am so happy with the results. It feels too good to be true and I have not finished, mind blowing indeed.

Lisa Treleven - November 8th Treatment

I chose Strawberry Laser Lipo for dealing with my belly fat, which seemed unbeatable until now. At first, the clinic staff assessed me as a good candidate for it, so I proceeded to it without second thoughts. To this moment, I have had half of the treatments initially scheduled (that is, 4 out of 8) but I can already tell a pretty distinguishable difference: my tummy has been significantly trimmed down, and it seems like I am about to have the stomach and mid-section that I’ve always been seeking for with little success! In addition, and especially taking into consideration the money required for that series, Strawberry Laser Lipo is a very comforting technique!

Mary M.

The first aspect that made me a positive impression about Strawberry laser lipo was its truly relaxing and painless method; no pain or suffering, just lying down and leaving it to the doctor and to the laser beam technology. It is quick too: all happens in just 15 mins, so everyone can have a Strawberry laser lipo session and then go back to their work, or their family! And what about the results, you will definitely ask. Well, my measurements showed what my eyes had already seen: a major reduction in my arms’ perimeter of a whole inch! So, if you are looking for slimming and contouring your arms, or other parts of your body, Strawberry laser lipo should unquestionably be on your list!

Susan R.

I had had a couple of other slimming procedures in the past before opting for Strawberry Laser Lipo, and I haven’t regretted it; in fact, the latter has proven better than I expected. The area I chose to have it applied was my midsection, and it feels tighter and slimmer now. The most remarkable of its advantages is that its laser beam technology enables the doctor treat large areas without causing harm to nerves and skin cells. Anyway, just remember that, if you chose to have Strawberry Laser Lipo, you will need to take some exercising afterward so as to keep the results!

Ruth F.

I took strawberry laser lipo for a total of 8 treatments for my midsection and I’m impressed by the outcome. Before getting to the detailed measurements, I should not fail to mention how calming, soothing and comforting those sessions were. Well, all I had to do when visiting the clinic was to rest back and leave it to the experienced doctor. Prior to starting every of the 30 mins session, I had my measurements taken by the clinic staff; similarly, after finishing the session, the exact same procedure was repeated. So, what have those measurements showed? Well, after the completion of the 8 treatments, and although I could tell by just looking myself in the mirror that my body was changing steadily but gradually, I was still thrilled to be notified that I had 1 inch off my waist and another 2.5 off my belly! That was incredible! Still, if you ever think of having strawberry laser lipo (which I perfectly recommend), do not make the common mistake of believing that it would do all the work for you. In my case (and most likely, in yours too), I was advised to look after my diet throughout those months I was receiving the treatments so as to maximize the benefits. In fact, I am currently on a routine workout program, visiting the gym 2-3 times per week. But the results that strawberry laser lipo delivered have given me such a strong motive that I am now regarding gym as a rather engaging activity!

Gloria D.

I am ecstatic! Strawberry laser lipo has been exceptional for my arms; they are now 0.5 inch thinner after just 4 sessions! Also, the procedure is painless and kicking back. Let’s see what the end results will be after the whole 8-session package. But, with what I’ve experienced so far, I am certain that I won’t get disappointed!

Christine S.

My upper arms were too flabby and Strawberry laser lipo seemed like a decent and affordable choice. And it actually was! I have already lost an inch off my arms, while my skin is now a lot firmer. I am so amazed that I can’t wait to have more treatments in the near future (although my doctor recommended self-restraint)!

Evelyn J.

I have experienced it first hand, and I lost 2 inches in the first treatment. I actually dozed off during the procedure, which was absolutely painless! Went right back to my next activity with no pain or discomfort.

John Hartman

My patients love your machine and therefore my schedule has been blessed with extra appointments.

Sheila, Kentucky

I was a month away from my final wedding dress fitting and I had my stubborn baby tummy which would not budge no matter how much or how many times I exercised a week. I could not get rid of my tummy. After 8 very comfy and pain free treatments, I love my abdomen and I have so much confidence. I cannot wait to walk down the aisle in my dream wedding dress now! Thank you so much Louise


I had a course of 8 treatments before my wedding day, I was very nervous before I started my treatment as I was not entirely convinced I would achieve the results I wanted. After a very informative consultation and regular treatments with combined exercise and eating; well I can 100% say I LOVED IT. The treatments and the results are AMAZING! I cannot wait for my wedding day now! Thank you Strawberry Laser Lipo


I over-indulged during the Christmas season and needed a way to help get me motivated to lose the fat. Seeing the instant results definitely got me moving. 100% worth it


I decided to start the course of Strawberry Laser Lipo treatments before my Sister’s wedding as my suit felt far too tight! I am quite shocked that the treatments were totally pain free and very relaxing. My therapist gave me all the information I needed to ensure my results were fantastic, but also how to maintain my results after the course had finished. Well I feel amazing and I do not need to worry about my suit for the wedding anymore. Thanks Strawberry


There are not many people happy in their own bodies, I am one of them. Even though I wouldn’t class myself as over weight, I still had issues with my body. Namely my squidgy tummy, which no amount of diet, ab crunches or “hold it all in pants” solved. I contacted Ally to see if she could help, an early Christmas present to myself. Everything was so relaxed, the environment, the treatment and Ally herself. I decided on 4 treatments. The results are staggering! I’m more toned, less squidgy and amazingly lost 5 inches in the process. My little black dress looks great, with no “hold it all in pants” in sight. I’ve received the boost I needed, feel more confident with my shape and ready to hit the party scene. I definitely recommend this, thank you so much. I lost 3 1⁄2 inches in 4 sessions thanks to Strawberry Lipo. A totally pain free relaxing treatment in private, comfortable surroundings administered professionally by Ally. 
I felt I could discuss my weight problems in confidence to Ally who totally understood my weight concerns. She was a joy to meet – I lost inches.
Wedding booked for Feb PANIC!!! Thank goodness I did some research and discovered Laser Lipo. What a fantastic treatment. It really does work . Four and half inches lost from my tummy. Not only looked but felt amazing in my wedding dress. What a relaxing, professional and friendly environment to have spent my two weekly half an hour sessions in. I actually looked forward to my appointments. Absolutely worth every penny!!! Big thanks Estelle
Having seen the advert in a local magazine, I was very interested although at the same I was quite sceptical. However, I decided to give it a go as nothing ventured nothing gained. I have to say that the results after my sessions did show quite a big inch loss. So much so that I have decided to book another course of sessions for a different area of my body.
Strawberry Laser Lipo, the best non surgical treatment there is! After just five sessions I’ve lost 5inches of baby bulge off my stomach and “love handles”. The results are far better than I could have imagined and slowly my confidence has returned. A fantastic invention and enjoyable experience, THANKS, A very happy Mrs Haskins.

Mrs Haskins

Thanks for the photos, I can really see the difference, brilliant! I could never have changed shape so much in a month without the laser treatment. Thank you. I am happy to recommend this to anyone who wants to kick start their body change. With some exercise and healthier eating it’s so worth it. Feel much more confident in my swimsuit.
My stomach was always my hated area as it is so hard. Now my abdomen is a lot softer and it has reduced. Thank goodness. Well done Strawberry Laser Lipo


I have always hated my pouch on the front of my abdomen. I am so glad I found Strawberry Laser Lipo, it’s gone!!


After 8 treatments on my “baby bulge” I can see a huge difference and my clothes feel amazing. I lost 11.1 inches over 3 measurements and I've had so much fun buying new clothes as all my old ones are too big! Thank you Strawberry for helping me with my new body


My thoughts on the treatment I received were primarily that the procedure was not only painless but very therapeutic and quite enjoyable. I also think that the service I received from you was admirable and I was very pleased with the results too. I found you to be very accommodating when sessions had to be postponed because of my leg. I have to say I was not keen on the exercise part although I am trying to keep that in my life. My clothes feel amazing, and I am very happy with my results


I wanted a course of treatments, as I have seen Strawberry in so many magazines, and thought I have to give this a go for myself. My stomach is so much flatter and to me, that has always been my problem area. I loved how warm the treatments felt and my therapist was very calm and easy to talk to. I love my abdomen, thank you Strawberry


I am so glad I did a course of 8 Strawberry treatments as my results are so noticeable and everyone has commented on how great I am looking - this has given me a massive confidence boost. I am going to carry on with my new lifestyle following the advice I have been given from my therapist. Thank you so much


I have just finished my course of Strawberry treatments and I love how good I look. After having my children I found it so hard to get my pre-pregnancy body back, but now thanks to Strawberry Laser Lipo I am back!!


I have had a course of 8 Strawberry treatments on my stomach. I am very happy with the results and I am pleased with the inch loss achieved!


I had a treatment after a friend told me about how easy and relaxing it was. I went and had my consultation and first treatment. I was amazed at how easy it was, you just have to carry out your Cardio exercise and eat well, anyone can do it. Loved the entire experience


I am a converted cynic. This is amazing and I haven't put the inches back on, despite doing no exercise


Overnight I lost inches and felt more firmed and toned. I was stunned. It might be a lazy way to do it but I couldn’t be happier


I was apprehensive at first, but then could not wait to book in my following appointments. I have dropped a dress size without surgery and in only a month!


Seeing how much better I look has inspired me to start going to the gym again. It is great to feel good about myself again


I was getting ready for my friends hen do when I really noticed I had let myself go. I needed help fast and I found Strawberry Laser Lipo. This motivated me to get moving in order to keep my inch loss. 3 months later my inches are still off!


With summer around the corner I needed to get my bikini body ready. Thanks to Strawberry Laser Lipo I did this is in just 1 month. Love the treatment!


With my Sister’s wedding fast approaching and being a head bridesmaid, I knew I needed to look and feel a lot better in my dress. I had a course of 8 Strawberry treatments and I felt amazing. I lost 4 inches from my belly button and cannot wait to put my bridesmaid dress on. Thanks so much


I was getting ready for my wedding so was eating well, and exercising loads however, my abdomen was not shifting. Strawberry to the rescue, I dropped a dress size before my wedding and on my wedding day I had so many compliments on how amazing I looked. It’s all thanks to Laser Lipo, I will always highly recommend you


After having 3 babies my abdomen has never been the same. I needed help. I started my Strawberry course nervous as I wasn’t sure I could achieve any inch loss as everything I have tried has not worked...But to my surprise it worked. The results were and still are amazing. 2 weeks down the line and the results are still off. Loved every minute with no regrets


I needed help reducing my “beer belly” which I found hard shifting through exercise and healthy eating alone. The Strawberry helped me and my trousers now fit properly!


After almost giving up on trying to reduce my stomach (I have tried every trick in the book), I heard of Strawberry and thought I would give it a go. I must say I have never made a better decision. I loved every treatment, the therapist was extremely motivating and constantly encouraging; as for the results—they changed my life for the better. If anybody wants to lose inches with no pain or surgery, go for the best, go for Strawberry


All I wanted was to reduce my abdomen slightly as I did not have a lot to lose. 8 treatments later and I am very happy with my results, all the other machines you hear about are second to the amazing Strawberry


As you get older it gets harder to exercise, just 20 minutes of exercise after my 8 Strawberry treatments and my results are amazing, even my saggy skin has tightened. Amazing machine which produces real, amazing, and un-beatable results


I have found it hard to find the right equipment which is suitable for my skin colour. Many other machines are too harsh or too warm to use, but Strawberry and its 10 paddles were not an issue, in fact I fell asleep while having my treatment. Strawberry is the one and only machine I will ever recommend, use and trust


I play football a lot and my football shirt it always too tight, Strawberry helped me reduce my abdomen, so I no longer feel restricted. Thanks Strawberry


I work in a hospital, and work very long hours. Finding time to exercise is hard. Strawberry gave me the boost I needed to keep me motivated. I am thrilled with my inch loss, and would highly recommend this treatment and machine to any client who is looking for a true, effective inch loss treatment


A friend recommended Strawberry Laser Lipo to me as she had such fantastic results. I will admit I thought it was too good to be true, until about half way through the course and I saw my abdomen disappearing, I was loving it! Strawberry is amazing. This is the best treatment for inch loss


I am thrilled with my results. Before, my beer belly was solid and a constant reminder of how unhealthy and overweight I was. Now it has reduced, the fat is softer and its a lot better to deal with. Not to mention my trousers fit a lot better. Fantastic machine and results


I have just finished my course of 8 Strawberry treatments and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by my results. Having a slow metabolism I have always struggled to lose inches from my abdomen, but Strawberry has really helped. Thank you so much